Friday, June 20, 2014

On Avoiding Smoking Gun Emails, Walker Overlooked Expert Advice

Wrapping up a focused 24 hours and 14 straight live-blogging posts about Walker in the Document Dump with a bit of historical, past-is-prologue perspective:

Among the amazing things about Scott Walker's self-inflicted smoking-gun email to GOP heavyweight financier and strategist Karl Rove is that it shows a hubris-heavy Walker ignoring hard-earned practical advice offered by...Scott Walker...a few years ago about, yes, smoking gun emails

Back when he was supposed to have grasped he shouldn't "give them any reason to do another story:"

Emails link Scott Walker to secret email system

On May 13, 2010 — three days after prosecutors launched their probe — the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Walker aide Darlene Wink spent much of her time at her county-paid job posting pro-Walker comments online. She resigned that same day, and the next day prosecutors seized her work computer. 
That night — in an email previously made public — Walker wrote to Timothy D. Russell, a longtime campaign and county aide. Russell was later convicted of stealing more than $21,000 from a veterans group that Walker named him to head. 
"We cannot afford another story like this one," Walker wrote Russell in one previously disclosed email. "No one can give them any reason to do another story. That means no laptops, no websites, no time away during the work day, etc."
Another missed lesson: Hidden, sneaky coordination - - whether through a secret big-dollar campaign financing scheme or an Internet router and public staffers doing campaign work - - is going to see and bite in the light of day.

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Anonymous said...

what you are missing is this:

The national coordination wasn't just about Wisconsin -- walker was trying to promote himself to kingmaker karl rove who specifically left the bush administration to groom the next group of republican "rock stars".

What few talk about is that scott walker is a cousin of george WALKER bush.

In 2006 dick cheney talked scott walker out of running for governor -- at that time, he was doin' the "reformist" thing but trying to come across as more of a populist -- against big money (cuz he didn't have it then).

Connect the dots -- cheney discouraged walker from running against big money -- as a result, walker became a big money guy for the next gubernatorial election cycle.

But walker wasn't really looking to be governor -- he wants to be PRESIDENT.

So bragging to karl rove, "bush's brain" (remember, walker is part of the clan) makes sense -- especially since it appears to have been sent through an illegal router set up -- the purpose being specifically to prevent this email (and every other one) from becoming public knowledge.

Because walker was making a case to karl rove that he should be republican presidential material and had every reason to believe rove saw him that way, the email(s) proclaiming, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! make sense.

Just like he grandstanded and sucked-up to the fake koch bro call.

There is every reason to believe that, had john doe not interviened, we would see walker elevated to the front of the 2016 republican clown car.

He has proven himself to be a loose cannon -- don't expect the billionaires to throw him under the bus -- but also does not appear likely that these interests want this loose cannon representing them on the national stage.

After all, people that will whore themselves for billionaires are easy to find -- scott walker, because his is bush clan, thought he could be brash and assume he was their guy.