Thursday, June 26, 2014

With Morale Crumbling, Consultants, Top Staff Pumping Up DNR

[Updated, 10:32 a.m.] Internal DNR surveys have found that employees don't see or are not on board with the agency's mission, methods, message and chamber-of-commerce management, so staff set up 'Town Hall' and listening sessions that produced a new departmental mantra and plan - - "One DNR" - - according to agency communications.

Apparently, Cathy Stepp's management-by-Halloween costume contests and treats on every floor needed to be taken to another level.

And you catch in the materials a whiff of internal dissent from top management's decisions, as employees were told that working in One DNR "means supporting and promoting a final decision even if a program may have preferred a different outcome."


Colorful, glossy materials are being sent around under the "One DNR" banner with motivational thoughts attached to head shots of senior staffers, like Assistant Deputy Secretary Scott Gunderson, whose team-building One DNR maxim is "an assist is as important as a goal."

Promising better outreach through buzzwords like "Improve customer service metrics," One DNR materials come with mind-bending, top-down patronization (you get the impression that Stepp got into editing mode at this point) and even delivered a truly weird double-begative, verbatim below:
Working in partnership as One DNR supports our vision for  excellence in customer service. When one of our many employees  interacts with a member of the public, the person outside the  agency generally does not draw a distinction about which program the employee works for. 
If, for example, the citizen has a  question about deer (doesn’t everyone?), it likely does not matter  that the employee works for the water program. 
Turning questions from citizens, stakeholders and policymakers into  positive interactions reflects well on the entire agency.  Of course, One DNR does NOT mean that you should not take pride in the great work that you and your program are doing. 
Embrace of One DNR should produce and promote success stories through team work, and help avoid public relations mistakes" due to "the simple fact" the left hand doesn't see what the right hand is doing," says a One DNR emailed attachment.

Something I'd noted recently.

Sad decline at the state's once-proud, science-driven conservation agency now led by former home- builder/DNR critic and current Bad River iron mine booster Stepp, and a management team of conservative, private-sector, Scott Walker-approved partisan ideologues.


Anonymous said...

Has any government agency in Wisconsin gone more rogue than the DNR. Talk about abandoning an agency's mission of protecting our natural resources. DNR has been taken over by predators and rather than protect they sell to their donors or simply give away our heritage.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an indocrination program to me.

Anonymous said...

This is off the subject but did everyone see Walker's "whopper" in PolitiFact this morning. His ad declares that when Burke worked for Doyle "billions" in middle class tax hikes occurred. PolitiFact found the increase to be $19 million. This guys nose will soon be longer than his bald spot.

Anonymous said...

There must be some ne'er-do-well sons and daughters of Friends of Scott Walker donors that could be hired as DNR internal cheerleaders. If nothing else it would give the felons jobs.

Gareth said...

Yes, nothing raises sagging morale in an agency like employees receiving glossy propaganda sheets featuring head shots of the much beloved bosses, because leadership is all about self promotion. I imagine workers will find many creative uses for those photographs.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long before One DNR's policies will make Wisconsin's groundwater as dangerous as India's.

Already in some parts it's a bad idea to use tap water for infant formula.

Anonymous said...

There's a very effective commercial running now that describes the measures parents go to to protect the quality of the air their children breathe. It asks, given that, why do we allow companies to knowingly pollute the air. Maybe a water quality version is in order.

Anonymous said...

Buzz Besadny, a great DNR Secretary in his day, has to be spinning in his grave.

Boxer said...

The only motivations that a Scott Gunderson head shot will generate are:
1. Be sure to get good dental care.
2. Get an education beyond HS.
3. If you're going to worship guns, change your name to something other than Gunderson.

Boxer said...

Dear Leaders rallies will be held every Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm. Tanks are optional. Attendance is not. Slackers will be rounded up and forced to act out an animal that can be shot in Wisconsin in front of the group.

Anonymous said...

It's working! At least we know why the DNR is being run into the ground (open for business!!). My little corner of the State government world is being trashed by a board appointed bully. Not even a friend of Scott. More work, less people, no accountability and absolutely no leadership. And don't question him or his minions.