Sunday, June 22, 2014

Walker, GOP Voter Suppression Already Working In Wisconsin

Voter ID and restricted early voting hours in Wisconsin got a lot of needed publicity and legal attention, but one of the less visible Walkerite voting suppression monkey-wrenches - - the summer primary now smack-dab in prime vacation time - - is having the desired effect.

Wisconsin's pre-November election primary had traditionally been in September.

But Republicans moved it to August - - this year it's August 12th - - because that's when Democratic-leaning students are still at home, or at out-of-town internships or summer schools or jobs - - and families are busy planning or escaping town for that last vacation trip before school starts.

I've been doing some leafleting and campaign event planning for Jonathan Brostoff, a young progressive Democrat running for the seat in Assembly District 19, and many people have brought up to me that the primary date - - especially important in a district where the primary winner is probably the November winner, too - - is a new inconvenience.

Others were unaware that the September primary date is no more.

Moving the date was a cynical ploy deliberately crafted by voting suppressionist Republicans under Walker's direction to confuse voters and dampen turnout.

If de-democratize is a word, that's what Walker, his legislative allies and funders are all about.

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Anonymous said...

They sure are afraid of having a government of the people, by the people and for the people.