Saturday, June 21, 2014

Federal Judge Randa Joins Walker Advocates

All pretenses of neutrality and judicial restraint are gone, so can right-wingers please shred their whiny talking-point complaint about activist judges:

The federal judge who put a halt to the John Doe investigation blasted prosecutors Thursday for trying to “seek refuge in the court of public opinion, having lost in this court on the law.”

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Anonymous said...

Next time the koch's host a party for their tools and minions, randa is going to be a guest of honor and will be the center of a joyous celebration.

Oh wait -- scott walker and chris christie were not at the recent koch billionaires party in Utah even though GOP heavyweights like rubio...

Hmmmmmm... scottie didn't get an invitation to mitt romney's "idea summit" either...

They won't publically throw him under the bus and have not choice to but underwrite his criminal defense fund, but there certainly has to be some type of payback to walker for droppin' the ball and bringing all the dark money groups to light in now public criminal investigations.