Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ruined WI Summer Events Linked To Winter, Polar Vortex

Just a reminder that we had a blog discussion months ago  - - mocked by Charlie Sykes ('that's what I do') - - about the interactions of a warming climate, melting sea ice, upper air shifts and repeated release into North America of the frigid Polar Vortex.

So the calendar has rolled past spring into early summer, yet Vortex effects remain: Lake Michigan remains unusually cold, producing last week a long stretch of lingering lakefront fog, the cancellation of a two-day air show and a fireworks display already twice postponed - - events that routinely bring people and commerce to the area.

Underscoring, I'd suggest, that when talking about climate change, it's advisable to use presence tense verbs in a broader conversation, no?

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