Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prosecutors Caution Against Doe Conclusions, But...

[Updated 10:10 p.m.] While we await the outcome of all the Doe proceedings and appeals  - - and we remember that these particular documents released recently were aired at the request of plaintiffs who are Walker's allies - - let's also remember this moral and legal truism about Wisconsin politics:

Every candidate knows she or he is ultimately responsible for the actions of her or his campaign. A practice Walker evaded as far back as his 1988 campus election loss. 

From Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 11:

11.27 False reports and statements.  
(1) No person may prepare or submit a false report or statement to a filing officer under this chapter.  
(2) In civil actions under this chapter, the acts of every member of a personal campaign committee are presumed to be with the knowledge and approval of the candidate, until it has been clearly proved that the candidate did not have knowledge of and approve the same. History: 1973 c. 3341979 c. 328.
Walker has a pattern of excuse-making. Enough said:


James Rowen said...

Thank you. I copied that citation and added it.

Anonymous said...

I think the Walker investigation has ran it's course.

Like most of the nation, I'm riveted to the IRS congressional investigation(s). I've said from the beginning, this is way bigger than Watergate.

Anonymous said...

milwaukee journal sentinel is doing what it can to minimize walker's responsibility.

Wouldn't ya know it -- the second Mary Burke his the airwaves with an ad that brings up Walker's criminal probes, milwaukee journal sentinel screeches headlines that he is not a target nor does the investigation have anything to do with him!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It is bigger than Watergate, but not for the reason you bubble-worlders think. The IRS was right to look into these "social welfare" organizations, because as John Doe Deux shows, this may become the nations biggest money-laundering and tax- evasion scheme since at least Prohibition.

And just like in Watergate, "follow the money" is a good rule of thumb. And I bet it goes past Scott Walker on the right-wing food chain (which is why he's not a "target", but merely a cog in the big wheel)

mia said...

There's a reason that the most popular pic of walker used in the media is the one with his finger held up while telling everyone that will listen he found a bugger in his nose.

The money laundering indeed does go far beyond walker which is why the wall street journal had to publicly spank walker TWICE.

The big money folks have to be questioning whether-or-not walker has enough common sense to be the public face on their lawbreaking.

Picking your nose may play well to milwaukee journal sentinel and the rest ofthe in-state press, but nationally, America isn't interested in what is up scott walker's nose.

He is a useful tool in getting coordination laws thrown out in the next unraveling of the remains of our democracy -- but he will no longer be able to "drop the bomb" on unsuspecting voters.

At-least, not nationally.

Note that Jimmy Carter's election integrity watchdogs will not monitor elections here. U.S. elections are fixed long before we go to the polls.

And election fraud/outright-theft is used if the results can't be fixed at the beginning of the process.