Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jefferson County, WI Turns Out Against Enbridge Pipeline

A full and documented accounting of grassroots to the expansion of Enbriges's tar sand crude oil pipeline #61 across predominantly rural Jefferson County about half way between the state's two largest cities, Milwaukee and Madison.

When company officials came in for a meeting, local people took it over:

Residents brought up many valid reasons to oppose or question the pipeline expansion, but one thing was for certain; the entire room, with one visible exception, was opposed to the pipeline’s expansion or needed more questions answered. Not surprising for a project that would expand Line 61 to carry a far bigger tar sands payload than the Keystone XL, which itself has been delayed multiple times due to fierce resistance.
An earlier blog posting, with more links about the issue and the pipeline company's disastrous environmental record, is here.

Regrettably, and predictably, Scott Walker's corporatized Department of Natural Resources has approved the pipeline expansion, holding only one hearing about it Superior, WI, hundreds of miles to the North, and also did not write a full Environmental Impact Study for the pipeline's cross-state route.


nonquixote said...

Thanks James,

Civil, fact-based questions and persistence in the face of paid corporate liars.

We can certainly hold in high praise these and other, "activists," who have shown how to get a point across. Thanks also to Occupy Riverwest for their part in putting the PResistence piece together.

On a topic of instant death, unjustified police shootings, as opposed to the slower paced killing of our citizens with environmental pollution, OK'd and promoted by every Republican executive and legislator and crony Dept appointment initiated by the Governor, citizen involvement beyond watching TV like we see in Jefferson County, or as we see in Albuquerque NM is demanded and demanded now.

Recent citizen direct action in Albuquerque worth studying, events that barely crossed our state line. 40 citizens shot dead by out-of-control police since 2010. Citizens take over a City Counsel meeting and a week later, sit-in demanding to speak with the mayor. US DoJ ordering changes to city police policy that don't seem to be sinking in with missing in action ABQ Mayor Berry (sound familiar Gov?) or police. A lot covered and a lot to learn from.

Anonymous said...

A leak at the enbridge pipeline would certianly be a much bigger problem than the wolf pee and poo that a commenter in a downstairs thread was concerned about.

Hopefully, he is on-board with us to stop the enbridge pipeline even if we disagree with wolf hunting.

I hope that commenter reads these other threads.

Dawns said...

The bottom line for red Jefferson is that Walker signed off on this.

nonquixote said...

Thanks anon @5:28 PM

A bit of a search and you will find Enbridge already has a pitiful safety, track record in WI and rules changes enacted since our corp guv was installed via unlimited campaign donations, don't allow past corporate safety performance to be considered when issuing new environmental permits.

Oh and do you remember the Kalamazoo River spill in Michigan?