Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meeting Sunday About Proposed Kohler Golf Course, Park Easement

[Updated, 12:40 p.m.] I'm passing along some information below provided by concerned citizens about a hign-end golf course proposed by Herbert Kohler on Kohler Co. forest and wetlands acreage adjacent to (and with a proposed access road across) Kohler-Andrae State Park property south of Sheboygan (information, and more context with photos).

It's something of a David v. Goliath contest, given the power in the area of Kohler interests.

Final thought: does anyone think the Scott Walker-led/'chamber-of-commerce'-run DNR will decline the requested road access across the state park land, setting a precedent for the private and use of public green space? 

From Friends of the Black River Forest:

Community Information Meeting on Proposed Golf Course in Black River, Town of Wilson 
South High School Commons Area Sunday, June 29 from Noon-3 p.m. 
[Further information: -  The next Town of Wilson meeting is a Public Hearing, Wed., July 16, 6:30 pm, Wilson Town Hall - and Why this golf course doesn't fit with the Town of Wilson 20 Year Comprehensive Plan ]
Please join us on June 29 to learn about the options The Town of Wilson has in dealing with Kohler's request for a Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) to build a golf course on wetlands and forest on the shore of Lake Michigan. 
We will correct these misconceptions and offer the facts concerning them: 
“A person can do whatever he wants with his property.”
“Our town must approve a project if the DNR says there are no violations of State environmental statutes.”
“Our Town Board's hands are tied in the regulation of private property use. Residents must appeal to the State or Federal government to take action against the project.”
“There will be no impact on the residents of Town Wilson.” 
What are the roles of the Plan Commission and Town Board? 
What is a Conditional Use Permit and what are the considerations the PlanCommission must follow in reviewing and approving one? 
Does this golf course fit into The Town of Wilson's 20 Year Comprehensive Plan and why should it? 
Black River Area Surface and Groundwater. Guest Speaker: Roger Miller, P.E. Miller Engineers and Scientists. 
Become an informed participant for the Public Hearing July 15th 
This meeting date may change. Location to be determined by Town of Wilson Board. 
Check our website for updates. 
Visit for further information.

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