Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pathetic: Walker Argues ''No Case'

Yeah, Governor...that'll go nicely in campaign ads.

And does he really want to say this - - a bit reminiscent of the subsequently wrecked Presidential candidate Gary Hart telling reporters, 'go ahead and follow me.'

"I hope people will look at the facts," Walker said.
There are a lot of facts laid out in the description of a 'criminal scheme.'

Like the scheme shown in this Washington Post chart in a state where you can have only one campaign committee and it cannot coordinate with outside groups:



Anonymous said...

Convenient that he pretends that the convictions of his closest associates does not matter -- did he forget about the judges in Darlene Wink, Timmy Russell, and Kelly Riendflesch felony convictions.

Judges have found criminality -- where does the buck stop?

We will find out when corrupt Judge Rhanda's hold is overturned by a panel of judges in Chicago.

Indictments will come promptly -- would have already have been handed down -- but walker has access to unlimited funds to play the legal system.

If walker is so confident judges see no criminality, why is he negotiating with prosecutors?

Why are he and his minions filing endless dead-end cases to delay the inevitable.

Yes, walker will get his day in court, and all the bogus games his team has played with our legal system will not matter one bit.

Anonymous said...

While the focus is on illegal fundraising -- the larger crime is election fraud.

The real significant of today's release is that karl rove is part of the mix. Stealing elections takes 2 things:

1. A secret money trail

2. Ability to control election results

This is all illustrated in a flowchart: Roadmap to Karl Rove's Empire to Election Fraud

The 2012 recall electioncan be empirically demonstrated as stolen

Since not even the democrats were willing to take a stand when george WALKER bush & karl rove stole 2 presidential, we will likely only see the prosecution continue to go after walker for only the illegal coordination.

BUT there is every reason to believe the fix was in for the 2012 presidential election and Rove was at the center of this -- that plan depended on OH.

The meltdown karl rove had on national tee-vee on election night (video), irrationally insisting he knew OH was going to go to romney, was because he did not know that the feds were onto the scheme and, at the last minute, it was not put in play.

Cliff Arnebeck is still working to get rove under oath for a deposition for RICO law violations. Whether Wisconsin goes after election fraud and the money that enables it is irrelevant.

The illegal coordination can be tied to similar illegal coordination in Ohio which has the strongest RICO laws in the U.S. -- they enable out-of-state related criminality to pursued in Ohio too.

Forcing karl rove to speak under oath will open a floodgate.

h/t: Richard Charnin

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Correct, this is a "follow the money (laundering)" case if there every was one. Nixon-CREEP items all over again.

Check out pages 124-125, which mention that Kelly Rindfleisch was raising money for these groups in 2011-12, at the same time she was allegedly working for sketchy super-donor Michael Eisenga. Can you say "hush money"?

Ralph said...

Anon 3:44. Haven't you read James's posts for the last thousand years? There is no such thing as election fraud.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Correction, Ralph; JR has said that there is little evidence of VOTER Fraud, which is what the unnecessary and unconstitutional Voter ID legislation is supposed to fix. A non-existent problem, and there is ZERO evidence that any Voter fraud has actually impacted an election.

On the other hand ELECTION Fraud is a very different animal, indicative of coordinated and/or institutional conspiracies to affect the actual outcomes of an election, through the miscounting of votes or voter intimidation. Think Kathy Nikolaus and her hinky vote-counting misbehavior.