Friday, June 20, 2014

About Those "Screaming Headlines," Walker Quotes Scripture And Says...

To AM 620 WTMJ righty talker Charlie Sykes this morning:

"I could care less about the national scene."

Oh, right.

He could care less about this example from The Washington Post, where the current Walker story is the 5th most read piece there at 1:15 central time:

Or this second-day Post piece:
How big could the Scott Walker scandal be?
"Screaming headlines" was his phrase by the way. I'd say he got that right.

But if he could care less, why was he on "Fox and Friends" first thing this morning?


Middle class guy said...

Evidently Scott Walker has not heard the old saying "Actions speak louder than words."

Anonymous said...

And if he could "care less" about the national scene, why leave Wisconsin so often? Of course, those invitations from elsewhere may be fewer now that "screaming headlines" from coast to coast have made Walker political poison for smarter pols.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Has anyone kept the charts showing how much time he has devoted to actual governing work vs. campaigning/ saving his own ass/ fundraising time since the recall?

As I remember, in the final months he was spending like 4 hours per week on his actual job.

Good work if you can get it, Scott. Just goes to show you that it isn't the union members who are slackers.

Anonymous said...

Of course he could care less. To paraphrase Alice in Wonderland, you can always care less than infinity. It's unlikely, however, that he could care more.

Gareth said...

Shocker! Bradley Foundation paid off "journalists" who attacked the John Doe investigations:

Bradley Foundation Bankrolled Groups Pushing Back on Scott Walker John Doe Criminal Probe