Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WI Resources Board Sets Wolf Kill At 156

Meeting in Milwaukee today, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board set this year's wolf kill quota at 156.

As an advisory committee recommended, leading to calls for a lesser number from wolf advocates and demands for higher numbers by hunting interests.
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
The Legislature, under the control of powerful gun and hunting lobbies, rushed the wolf hunt into law in 2012 without a focus on biology or broad citizen input, and, unlike all other states, encouraged an unnecessary level of animal cruelty by allowing dogs to be used to chase wolves.

156 is a reduction from last year's quota of 251, though the final count was allowed to hit an outrageous and extirpating slaughter of 257, not counting illegal kills.

Other wolves died after being hit by vehicles.

More information later.


Water Lily said...

A great Op Ed by Jodi Habush-Sinykin in MJS yesterday and a great letter to the editor by Shirley Clements in Cap Times as well. Thank you, esp Jodi, for your tireless work on behalf of wolves and other vulnerable animals.

This is a travesty. The Wolf-Bear Killing Industrial Complex should be baited, held in leg traps for days, hounded by dogs, and then shot.

My comments below were posted on MJS website as well earlier today.

I want these wolf killers--won't dignify them by the term hunters--to compensate ME for my financial losses: my tax dollars paid for wolf re-introduction and monitoring; my tax dollars are currently compensating bear killers who lose dogs in training to wolves (despite some of the killers being hunting scofflaws, and bear killers training dogs in known wolf habitats; for my contributions to the state wildlife fund through license plates and direct donations; and my tax dollars to support WI-DNR's machinations and twister-like "process" to first allow, then policing the annual wolf kills. If wolf and bear killers want to kill with impunity, let them pay the true costs of killing these animals . . . . back to the majority of us of who disapprove of their cruel methods. And stop calling the annual blood bath "harvesting" . . . . PUL-LEEEZE!

Paul Trotter said...


Anonymous said...

Wolves keep pooping in my yard, its not funny.

Its easy to write blog-posts feighning outrage over wolf hunts when you don't have to deal with them in your yard.

The mark territory with voluminous amounts of urine and feces.

And I'm not talking poop like the little bags for your pooch when you take a walk.

Boxer said...

@Anonymouse 4:53 pm.

Then get a bigger pooper scooper or MOVE!

Have you seen the prodigious amounts of poop generated by deer?
Rabbits? Geese? Poop is not just an up north problem, poop is all over the state.

On some golf courses you can't tee off without sliding through a pile of slick goose poo. It's a menace to your golf game!

Late last fall we had a tree cut down in our suburban back yard, resulting in 2 large brush piles we left until spring. We were pleased to see the piles full of birds, launching their raids on our bird feeder from the safety of inside the brush. However when we went to move the brush piles this spring, we discovered the rabbits had used the piles too. We shoveled rabbit pellets --4 wheel barrows full--and that was only one winter, and two brush piles.

Anonymouse, everybody poops. Poop happens. Shovel it, or don't, but don't try to trivialize serious concern about animal cruelty into one about you and your minor inconvenience. Imagine if you were subject to baiting, trapping and being shot. . . for taking a dump?

Our outrage isn't "feigned" but we suspect your poop-rage may be. You're lucky to live up north--all the wildlife, the woods, and the quiet.

Anonymous said...

Boxer says:

Have you seen the prodigious amounts of poop generated by deer? Rabbits? Geese?

And we hunt ALL of those animals!

Wolf hunting lowers the risk of lethal Hydatid disease that’s caused by a tiny tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus), which lives in great multitudes in the gut of wolves, coyotes, and other canids.

The tapeworm produces even tinier eggs that are passed out in great amounts in the feces of the infected animals.

Tapeworm eggs from infected canids normally spread out on forage eaten by deer, moose, elk, etc., and domestic ungulates (hoofed animals), too.

Once an animal is infected, the eggs develop into big cysts in the critter’s lungs, liver, and brain. Each of these cysts contains great numbers of itty-bitty tapeworm heads.

The critters condition will become such that it will either die outright or become very susceptible to predators looking for ‘din-din.’

When wolves, coyotes, or dogs eat the infected critter’s lungs or liver that are teeming with tapeworm filled cysts, the tapeworms are freed to attach themselves to the eater’s gut where they grow, produce eggs, and complete their lifecycle, much to their host’s distress.

Wolf scat can be contaminated with mega-millions of tiny tapeworm eggs. And, like fine dust particles, these eggs can easily become airborne and land on hands and mouth.

The disease can also be picked up from the fur of infected wolves, coyotes, and dogs handled by people, or from infected canid feces disturbed while milling around in the bush or yard.

Boxer said...

You really know your shit! So, we should kill animals because they poop? There are nowhere near the numbers of wolves -- especially after the last 2 years -- that there are of rabbits, geese and deer. Your argument is full of poop and you know it.