Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wisconsin Gazette Questions Walker Obstructing ObamaCare

Nice job on a complex issue:

In addition to turning away the money for Medicare expansion and throwing poor people off health care, Walker refused to set up a state insurance marketplace, raising an outcry from consumer advocates, doctors, nurses, health insurers, business groups and other stakeholders. Instead, he’s forcing Wisconsinites to go through a federally-created marketplace....
Even those who understand the political gamble Walker is making with Wisconsin’s health care have a hard time understanding how he can morally justify working to deny health care accessibility to the poor and middle class. 
Some pundits say Walker doesn’t understand the risk he’s taking just a year after Democrats succeeded in casting Republicans as the party of the prosperous. 
Other Republican governors understand, and that’s why they’re climbing on board with Obamacare. 
Lori Lodes of the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning think tank that supports the law, put it this way: “They can’t risk pursuing a partisan agenda that would turn down taxpayer dollars and deny their constituents health care.” 
In Michigan, where Snyder faces an uphill re-election fight and there is disagreement in his party about the law, the governor has argued that receiving an estimated additional $1.4 billion in federal money to bring roughly 500,000 residents under health coverage makes economic sense. 
Ohio’s Kasich, also faced with a difficult re-election road, promotes expanding Medicaid as a moral issue.... 
Other Republican governors who have agreed to the Medicaid expansion include Jan Brewer of Arizona, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota. Arizona, where Brewer isn’t seeking re-election, and North Dakota are Republican-leaning states; New Jersey, where Christie is running this fall, is considered Democrat-leaning.


Laurette McGovern said...

He simply doesn't care, not do his supporters. And, shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Walker isn't facing an uphill reelection fight, and the blame for that is solely on the almost useless Democrats who pinned their hopes on a badly fought rematch in the recall election. Why should he care when 52% of the state still likes him and in most of the state you never have to go very far to still see "Stand with Walker" bumper stickers? Maybe he and the state GOP would be scared enough to do the right thing if people were still doing more than just singing songs at them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anonymous 8:13, what inspiring words! Yes. Everyone should do something darn it! Do tell us...what are you specifically doing? Member of the Democratic Party? Helping candidates in gerrymandered districts? Running for office yourself? Ha! I doubt that. You seem to have a lot of opinions about "useless Democrats" and singers who are apparently making Walker so nuts he is arresting them. How about less advice from you and more action.

Anonymous said...

Who's running against Walker in 2014? Who even wants to? If we can talk about opposition to Rick Snyder and Tom Corbett over a year away from the election, why aren't there names out there now talking about running against Walker?

How does the singers getting arrested do anything to stop Walker's executive and legislative agenda, by the way? You read this blog, too. You tell me, because I'm not seeing it.

JB said...

Anonymous 6:25 troll, are you the Walker group plant for this blog? At least two people are interested in running against Walker -- Kathleen Vinehout and Mary Burke -- and are testing the waters. Lawd almighty, the primary is not until AUGUST 2014, which is almost a year from now.

Why should the candidate already be determined? There are far more reasons NOT to have a candidate right now -- no one for Walker to attack, time for Democrats to get a ground game in place, more time for Walker and his crew to demonstrate their complete lack of interest in governing the state and their basic inhumanity.

We don't need a candidate to point out his flaws and glaring hypocrisy. That is the job of citizens, and James Rowen is one of those doing it best.

As anonymous 10:30 said, if your interest is really in ridding the state of Scott Walker and his crew, stop carping and start acting.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Thank you, JB. Our media and Dem hang- wringers are acting like it's the recall and that the primary happens within 6 weeks. It isn't.

What the DPW should be doing, and isn't doing enough of, is showing how they will improve from the corrupt Era of Fitzwalkerstan. This is the groundwork that should be getting laid, not fretting over which Dem will get in the race

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked asked Chris Larson to run?

He is the fresh face in the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:27