Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About Starbucks And Guns

The only thing that will stop Starbucks from letting in customers carrying guns is a decision by those of us not packing to take our business elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

So, because a corporation remains neutral on their customers constitutional right, you are seeking to boycott their business.

What a warped mentality.

Gareth said...

Rather than patronizing Starbucks, take your business to one of the myriad of locally owned coffee shops. Your money will then recirculate within your community, rather than being siphoned to an out-of-state corporate headquarters and the inevitable Cayman Islands' account. Starbucks is infamous for it's worldwide tax avoidance strategies.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The "clarification" really doesn't change Starbuck's position at all.

So it is still perfectly consistent, and well within the bounds of acceptability (not to mention a sign of sanity) to avoid the places.

Coffeeshops are not the Wild West. You won't need to defend yourself from a coffee-hopped up granny swinging her totebag at your knees in order to swipe your coffee change.

Sheesh. Just what is it you yahoos are so scared of?

Anonymous said...

Tell that to these people...

Keep your head in the sand! Nothing to see here! You are so ill-informed it is comical.