Friday, September 13, 2013

Media help Walker clean up $500,000 scandal; Now he's a hero

It can only be described as a scandal -- Wisconsin Republicans earmarking a $500,000 grant for a group that wasn't qualified to get it, then Gov. Scott Walker being forced to cancel it after it came to light.

Since then we've learned that the GOP was hell-bent to pass the sweetheart deal despite warnings it could have cost the state millions in federal money.

 Now, after some Republican spinmeisters have done their work, some media outlets are portraying Walker as a hero who saved the state millions with a veto. Blue Cheddar blog has the gory details of the whitewash job.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

well, of course they did.

You did too good a job blasting them for their endorsements of him, and now they have to lay some kind of plausible foundation for endorsing him in the next election, even if they have to fabricate it.

Anonymous said...

If Walker wanted to save the state money, why didn't he veto the grant in the budget in the first place. He never even looked at the budget did he. He had all his lackeys go over the budget and make recommendations on what he should veto and why. See, that way if something gets through that shouldn't, like this, then he can look like the good guy saving the state money. What a phony.

Anonymous said...

This headline is spot on!!

Scott Walker veto aided controversial United Sportsmen group