Saturday, September 28, 2013

Federal Bankers' Fact-Checking Says Walker Misrepresents Their Data

His false-speaking has no limits: officials at the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia have called out Governor Embarrassment for misrepresenting their data, asserting, among other things, that he twisted jobs numbers into non-existent, self-serving ratings.

Speaking of ratings, I assume that makes Wisconsin number one in Governors taken to that woodshed?

Top officials with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia are warning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and others that they are misusing a monthly index produced by its top economists.

Walker in recent speeches has been touting figures from the “Philly Fed,” claiming they show Wisconsin’s economy as No. 2 in the nation. WMC has been using the same number in a series of advertising buys, thanking Walker for putting the state on the road to prosperity.
Honest to God, Walker really has a problem with the truth - - PolitiFact has found 77% of Walker's review statements no better than half-true.

By the way, where is that WMC ad? Pulled?

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