Thursday, September 19, 2013

Walker Hauling In Out-Of-State Campaign Cash

Thanks to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for following the money and illuminating why Walker's national aspirations should be taken seriously. Basically, he's going to have access to spectacular financing to build an image far from John Doe and Scott Suder:

Seventy-eight individuals and couples mostly from outside Wisconsin contributed nearly $1 million to legislative and statewide officeholders and candidates during the first six months of 2013, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review found....

These high rolling campaign donors, who contributed a total of $978,037, represent a wide range of influential special interests including business, manufacturing, banking and finance, insurance, health care, construction, energy, mining, school voucher and transportation (Table)....

The top recipient of this elite donor cash was Republican Governor Scott Walker who received $831,573 or 85 percent of their contributions.
Remember, for example, that big money created out of nothing the successful State Supreme Court candidacy of a nobody, the obscure northern Wisconsin circuit court judge Mike Gableman.

Or what Ron Johnson did with $10 million of his own dough.

Walker may not have the national name-recognition of, say, Marco Rubio or even a Jeb Bush - - but millions and millions of dollars can quickly buy a lot of polling points and PR.

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