Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hat Tip, Cap Times, For Re-Posting Blog On DNR Dog Payment

Much appreciated:

Political Environment blogger James Rowen wonders why the State Department of Natural Resources is paying bear hunters for dogs that are killed in the hunt. So far, 23 hunters have been given up to $2,500 per dog for the loss of their dogs, which, Rowen insists, shouldn't be allowed in the bear hunt in the first place.


CJ said...

You have to be a paid subscriber in order to access your link. boo

Anonymous said...

I live in NW Wisconsin. Bear hunting is popular in these parts. These two situations happened to family member and to a friend. The first a family members found a lost and abandon bear dog in the woods. The dog was dehydrated and wounded. He took it to a local vet. The dog had a scan code chip. They located the owner from southern WI his response was "shoot the dog he was no good anyway." The second case. Friends were doing some wilderness camping in the national forest. A bear dog wandered into their campsite thirsty and hungry. They care for the dog for several days while it hung around the campsite. No one ever came to find the dog. When it was time break camp the dog followed them out to their car. They decided to take it to an animal shelter. They stop a a local bar frequented by bear hunters to see if anyone had lost the dog. They were verbally attacked for "taking" the dog from the woods. They left and took the dog to the shelter.

So call me a total sceptic but if I had 1, 2, or 3 dogs that were old and not keeping up. I might send them right into known bear/wolf country hoping to get a nice pay out and buy some new dogs.

James Rowen said...

@CJ - - You must have used up your ten freebies. You can read the entire post at my blog. No charge.

CJ said...

Thank you James.