Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trouble In The Right's Paradise

Interesting this morning that Charlie Sykes used his WMTJ AM right wing radio perch to unload on WISN-AM afternoon righty radio host Mark Belling.

I didn't hear it, but I guess Belling has accused Governor Scott Walker of changing his position on expanded Indian casino gambling - - the issue being a proposed Menominee tribal casino in Kenosha County - - because of political donations from the Potawatomi, owners of the Milwaukee casino.

Sykes cited Walker statements on tribal gaming over the years, then called Belling's assertion factually-wrong, "toxic." "dangerous," "over-the-top,"  and an example of some conservatives "circular firing squad" when the left should be seen as the "the enemy," Sykes said.

Strong language. Gauntlet thrown down.

And formal notice from the powerful right-wing spin apparatus marketed by Journal Communications' Broadcast Group that dissent about Walker is dangerous disloyalty.

Belling has always been something of a wild card on the Right and less likely to use or let his program be used- - a program which which he's the owner, unlike Sykes, or Wagner, who are Journal Communications employees - - as a party-line voice.

I remember when he ripped Republicans for fronting fake candidates in legislative recall elections, for example:

Interesting rant - - his word - - by AM 1130 WISN conservative talker Mark Belling Tuesday afternoon at Republicans, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald by name, for openly touting their rotten little scheme to force recall election primaries and string out the process by recruiting fake Democrats.
If you listen to both stations, it sounds from time to time that WTMJ radio talkers get their calls from GOP spinmeisters before Belling gets his, and not just because Belling is an afternoon program.

I don't think this will expand into an all-out talk radio war on the right, but it's useful to note the cracks in the facade, and to take Sykes' outburst as a sign that decision makers on the Right, given their long-range investment in Walker and their value standing with Walker as their highest priority.


Anonymous said...

And Belling recently confirmed that Walker is vulnerable and won't hit jobs goal.

Anonymous said...

And Wagner feels this should be a free market decision - that the casino should be allowed. He compared them to coffee shops and burger kings.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. They are just inventing a little controversy to improve their ratings. By next week they will have kissed and made up.

Anonymous said...

7:36 - and what will be their focused talking point.


Boxer said...

It's so much fun to watch the right-wing zombies turn on each other and start eating.