Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letters To State Papers Oppose Dogs In Wolf, Bear Hunts

People are speaking up about the suffering inflicted on hunting hounds allowed into Wisconsin's bear hunt, and which will escalate if dogs are allowed in the wolf hunt.

This letter, with important public opinion data, appeared in the Cap Times, and a separate, powerful letter fron a veterinarian was also published in the State Journal:  

Broken and crushed legs, sliced-open abdomens and punctured lungs. Dogs lying mangled and dying on the surgery table -- all in the pursuit of sport. 
If these dogs were pit bulls used for dog fighting or Labradors used for bird hunting they would be protected under our state humane and animal cruelty laws. Unfortunately, these dogs are bear hounds used for bear hunting and are exempt from protection.

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Anonymous said...

I have a home in NW Wisconsin and have been appalled by the bullies who follow their dogs aroung in their big trucks racing up and down the road starting about 4:30 am and continuing all day from Jult 1st until the end of August; oh yeah and then the real bear season starts for another month of fun. They have turned a nice place to live into "redneck county". How this is considered a sport is beyond me. Following dogs via GPS while these bullies race around like maniacs is unsporting and criminal because their prized dogs are dying at the hands of bears and wolves. And the great state of Wisconsin re-imburses these people for losing a dog. Unbelievable!!! Come on Wisconsin, stop the insanity.