Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pro-Walker spot countdown should have started at 250,000, not 5

WisPolitics.com reports:

-- A new WMC TV ad that hit the airwaves today praises Gov. Scott Walker’s proposals for giving Wisconsin “lift off.”
The spot begins with a voice giving a countdown starting at five. A second voice says the state is fifth in the nation for new manufacturing jobs, ahead of four Midwestern states in average weekly wages, third in the nation for three-month job growth, second among all states for potential economic growth over the next six months, and No. 1 for growth among Midwestern states, “exceeding the national growth rate for economic success.”
At the end of the countdown, the state of Wisconsin is depicted on the screen as a rocket with fire shooting from the bottom, sparks flying from behind and the state taking flight upward.“Thank you, Gov. Walker, because of your policies, we have lift off,” the narrator says to close the spot.
Nary a word about those 250,000 jobs he promised.
You can watch it here. Have a barf bag handy.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

The slime at WMC better run it while they can, because the Summer hiring that caused those stats will cause Fall layoffs. And wait till Wisconsin ends up back in the bottom 10 from the QCEW stats later this month.

I smell desperation from these guys.

MadCityVoter said...

Interesting. I count 12 midwestern states. If we are ahead of 4 that put us behind... 7. And makes us lucky number 8! Like, the eight ball! I could so write WMC's next commercial! I wonder if they'll hire me?

Anonymous said...

What a pack of lies.

Anonymous said...