Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tea And Alcohol Do Mix On Capitol Hill

They're driving us off the cliff and OWI, too: talk about a House/GOP/John Boehner fail:

House Republicans spent hours on Capitol Hill Saturday as a government shutdown loomed, but that didn't stop some of them from having a little weekend fun.

Reporters tweeted that they could see -- and smell -- several Congressmen enjoying a drink while working...
Time for an intervention.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, time for intervention. What happens to you or me if we drink on the job?

Anonymous said...

The republicans are alway demanding drug testing for the poor to receive benefits.

It's time to demand sobriety tests of congress member before they are allowed into the chambers and before they vote. Install a breathalyzer at each desk. Sobriety interlock.

It is obvious that they are likely to kill someone if they vote under the influence.

Denying health care is now the best example of that.