Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walker Signaled Corrosive Political Control Right After 2010 Election

The Journal Sentinel editorially says "Too much politics imposed on Wisconsin DNR."

Let's further connect the dots. The DNR's politicized dismissal of science and neutrality - - obvious during the mining debate - - began with Scott Walker's installing the overtly-partisan homebuilder Cathy Stepp at the helm:

 “I wanted someone with a chamber-of-commerce mentality,” [Scott] Walker said.
In 2011, the paper cut DNR management a lot of slack, but enough was enough, I said in 2012:
A year ago, the Journal Sentinel suggested that Scott Walker's plan to 'streamline' and remake the DNR deserved the benefit of the doubt.

Gov. Scott Walker's plan to streamline the state Department of Natural Resources is a good idea - as long as it doesn't weaken environmental protections.

I disagreed.  Because that's not the way Walker and his corporate crowd rolls.

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Anonymous said...

You blame Cathy Stepp but Matt Morony and Scott Gunderson do more than Stepp day-to-day. I'm not even sure Stepp comes into the office but Morony and Gunderson are the job.