Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Climate Change Data Released

From the UN:

The new report is a 36-page summary for world leaders of a 900-page report that is to be released next week on the physical science of climate change. That will be followed by additional reports in 2014 on the most likely impacts and on possible steps to limit the damage. A draft of the summary leaked last month, and the final version did not change greatly, though it was edited for clarity. 
Going well beyond its four previous analyses of the emissions problem, the panel endorsed a “carbon budget” for humanity — a limit on the amount of the primary greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, that can be produced by industrial activities and the clearing of forests. 
And, separately, here's one practical observation from an Alaskan village melting:
A U.N. panel on Friday said with 95% certainty that the effects of climate change are real and largely man-made. To which pretty much everyone in Shishmaref, Alaska, said ...Well, duh.

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