Saturday, September 28, 2013

After Walking The New Arboretum, Head To Audubon Center To See Goats In Action

I'd posted an item yesterday about visiting the new arboretum near the Urban Ecology Center along the Milwaukee River...

So once you've done that, head up north to the east end of Brown Deer Rd. to the Schlitz Audubon Nature, Center where 95 goats have been brought in to chew away invasive plants. We ran into the herder who owns the animals. Really nice guy. All in all, cool project.

Better hurry: the goats are going back to Richland County in a few days. On the trails, follow the signs with arrows pointing to "Goats."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but the goats at Schlitz Audubon Nature are more for show than effect. Yes the goats will remove the foliage and importantly seeds (if only it was this easy) but later a crew will have to come back and spray w/ a product containing triclopyr, a basal bark treatment/herbicide to try ?? and kill the buckthorn. Schlitz has the same problem afflicting most preserved areas-not enough volunteers and cash to fully address the problem of invasive species.