Friday, September 27, 2013

Iron Mine Is Unpopular In Ashland, Iron Counties

Polling shows significant opposition to the proposed iron ore mine in the very counties whose land, water, air quality and peace of mind would be most impacted. Anyone in the DNR, legislature interested:

Ashland residents showed stronger opposition to the mine than Iron County residents. Still, the majority of those queried in both counties opposed the mine. 
In Ashland County 68% either absolutely or generally opposed the mine. In Iron County, 55% either absolutely or generally opposed the mine.


Seamus said...

I reside in the Penokees. The numbers who oppose mining are part of the story but the depth of the opposition and the resolve of mining opponents are more evident every day. People here value the near wilderness around us and have not been impressed with the mining proponents who believe that any impediment to mining can be legislated away in Madison.

Anonymous said...

Any public opinion poll can be manipulated. This one was manipulated when the link to the poll was posted on a certain Facebook page and then the poll was flooded with participants of that page who oppose the mine.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @ 3:31 pm:

It states in the article that "The poll was based on a telephone survey of 102 persons in Iron and Ashland counties."
It has nothing to do with facebook or any online poll.

Did you even bother to read the link?