Friday, September 13, 2013

Another State Favor For Wisconsin's Big And Powerful

With their hands on the levers of power and public budgets in Wisconsin, Walkerites dedicated to special interests continue to operate government for big business and big donors to the detriment of everyday tax and rate-payers.

This is beyond being open for business. This is running state government like room service for the likes of the builders, the highway lobby and WMC.

This time it's big discounts to electricity customers finagled for big corporate users by the Walker-controlled Public Service Commission - - without independent data to rely on - - as his appointees help turn Wisconsin from a democracy to a de-regulated plutocracy.

Following the pattern of favoritism in fresh state funding to expand the misnamed Southeastern Wisconsin freeway' system over the objections of nearby neighborhoods speaking for themselves and the silent thousands buried in cemeteries scheduled for disruption and degradation.

Or in budget reimbursements for hospitals who will be seeing all low-income Wisconsinites intentionally kicked off Badger Care.

Or changes in law and rules to encourage developers to encroach at shorelines and wetlands, and the large dairies and frac sand mines given freer access to the public's waters, to the sweetheart, fast-tracked permitting 'reforms' and public land closings closings to accelerate GTAC's unprecedentedly-large open pit iron ore mine in the Bad River watershed near Lake Superior..

Favors up and down the line as 'regulation' and other public resources or protections are turned over for private control and .

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Anonymous said...

It's called facism. Real, by the book, facism. Not the word as many of the ignorant like to through it around.