Thursday, September 19, 2013

Add The Suder/DNR Grant Scandal To Walker's "No Knowledge Of" List

Walker says he didn't know anything about Scott Suder's wiring a $500,000 state grant:

Gov. Scott Walker maintained Wednesday he had no knowledge of efforts to steer a sporting heritage grant toward the politically connected United Sportsmen of Wisconsin and side-stepped a question when asked if a top Republican lawmaker properly handled the situation.
Let's see...where have we seen 'no knowledge of' business and Walker before?

In this long list from 2012, with examples stretching from the John Doe matter, to his days as Milwaukee County Executive and even back to his ill-fated 1988 run for Marquette University student body President:
...The Marquette Tribune had it in 2010, and used its files clear back to 1988, when Walker's campaign for student body president imploded over ethics and rule violations, and it was time to take responsibility:
Walker’s campaign record murky

In the run-up to election day, the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Walker’s opponent John Quigley, but said either candidate had the potential to serve effectively.

However, the Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency...”
The revision also expressed disappointment in Walker’s campaign workers reportedly throwing away issues of the Tribune after the endorsement was initially made.

Walker dismissed this, saying he had no knowledge of what his supporters did, according to a Tribune article from February 25, 1988.

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A. Wag said...

He'll never be president, esp after the Eagle Scout rescind their honesty badge.