Monday, September 23, 2013

SportsmensGate Clean-Up, Step One

And so the political white-washing begins:

The president of a controversial sportsmen's group that won and then lost a $500,000 state grant resigned Monday from a state hunting and fishing council.
Still on the hook - - Scott Suder for cooking it into the budget, and Scott Walker for promoting Suder to the PSC staff before they both hit the fan.


Anonymous said...

Time for a public hearing on this scandal as those who were a party to it are refusing to address it. A thorough examination of DNR must occur as they either operated at the behest of special interests and an unscrupulous legislator or were victimized by lack of oversight by their leadership. Has DNR BECOME A ROGUE AGENCY THAT DOES THE BIDDING OF MONEYED POLITICS? Do I hear John Doe at the door?

JB said...

I'd like to see Pantzlaff resign from the deer advisory group as well.