Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Raise For Suder Fits A Pattern

Good for the Journal Sentinel to focus on the 88% raise (with future pension guaranteed, too) lavished on former State Sen.Scott Suder as Gov, Walker lets his key legislative pal play over in the Public Service Commission sandbox.

And let's make sure we remember that the Suder mess is not an isolated in an administration honest about dedication to fiscal conservatism and merit-based hiringt:

*  Walker's awarding of big-salaried state jobs - - the pattern began in the early hours of his administration when a 27-year-old lobbyist's son got an $81,000 job - - to good soldiers like Cindy Archer, or disgraced WisDOT manager Steven Krieser, and, through civil service manipulations, State Capitol police chief David Erwin and his deputy;


Anonymous said...

We must remember ...Wisconsin has become the personal and personnel play thing for WALKER AND HIS MINIONS. He has proven that money equals power and power leads to private secret agendas and deals and in turn leads to abuse and corruption. The CLOWN car just keeps running us over!!!!!tiR

Anonymous said...

don't forget that the john doe revealed that as county executive walker had tim russell oversee funds meant for veterans after russell lost a previous job due to theft, i.e. personal use of a state credit card.

Anonymous said...

This drives me nuts and I am a liberal

It's not a raise.

A raise is something you get for continuing to do your same job... this is a different salary for a different job with different responsibilities.

MadCityVoter said...

And didn't the Democratic State Senator who helped Walker set up Act 10 by doing a 180 on the union contracts negotiated by Gov. Doyle end up with some sort of cushy DOA job -- Assistant in Charge of State Facilities or some such -- in return for betraying his party, his principles and his constituents? Does anyone happen to remember the details of that slimy little maneuver?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You're right. It's a PROMOTION with a raise in salary. Which makes it even worse, in my opinion.

And as MadCity Voter brings up, Jeff Plale got a similar promotion for rolling over on the Dems and setting up the Act 10 fiasco. In fact, I think Plale still has his appointed gig in Madison.


MadCityVoter said...

Jeff Plale -- thanks, Jake! The slime has been coming so fast and thick for so long that I'm starting to lose track.

The next Governor will probably have to spend the better part of her first term cleaning up and tossing out Walker's garbage. I hope we all remember that when choosing her.