Friday, September 6, 2013

GOP's Preferred 'Sportsman' Wrongly Fired 'Kill Shots' Into Already Gunned-Down Bear

File under 'where do they find these people?'

Yes, this is the sport hunter whom the 'reformers' at the DNR and in the GOP-run Wisconsin legislature had chosen to supervise $500,000 state dollars for hunting and fishing education, but whose group misled the Legislature about having qualifying, tax-exempt status:

According to the investigation, [Andy] Pantzlaff told a DNR warden that Pantzlaff's dogs had brought to bay a black bear so massive that it still weighed 526 pounds after being killed and field-dressed. The bear was shot by another hunter who like Pantzlaff lacked the "Class A" tag needed to shoot a bear.

Pantzlaff then shot the bear with a heavy-caliber revolver either once or twice to ensure it was dead — his account varied. Pantzlaff only had a "Class B" license — cheaper and easier to get than a Class A — that allowed him to handle his dogs but not to shoot unless someone in his party was in danger.

Initially, Pantzlaff lied to the warden about who had really shot the bear but on further questioning he admitted that the hunter with the valid Class A license hadn't done the shooting, the records show.
More history, here.

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