Monday, September 30, 2013

Other Governors Truthiness Exceed Walker's, Records Show

The fact-checking service PolitiFact operates in 10 states vetting political statements; our Gov. Scott Walker, on a percentage basis, has more statements rated negatively than eight of the nine other Governors reviewed, PolitiFact records show (see "states").

Walker's record: of 76 statements vetted, 42, or 55% were rated either "False," "Mostly False," or Pants-on-fire."

As we have noted often on this blog, why does Walker have such a problem with honest speaking, and why do major newspaper stick with him?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, elected a year earlier than Walker, has had 81 statements vetted, only 28, or only 34%, fall into the negative categories.

Many of the 10 governors are rated negatively 30% and 40% of the time. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island has the highest negative percentage, 63%, and is the only governor with a higher negative aggregate than Walker's 55%.

Chafee has had only 11 statements vetted, Walker has 76.

Even Rick Perry, the memory-challenged Texas Gov., and an incumbent since late 2000, has a better percentage record than Walker's, and is in the more positive categories a majority of the time, PolitiFact finds.

Florida's GOP Governor Rick Scott, taking office as did Walker in January, 2011, makes for a good comparison.

PolitiFact finds Gov. Scott in "Mostly False/"False"/"Pants on Fire" territory 33 times, or 35% of 95 statements vetted.

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Gareth said...

Walker lies because he knows he can get away with it, as the corporate media is reluctant to challenge him and so many journalism jobs have been cut in media austerity drives that nobody is left to research his BS.

It is worth noting that a recent meeting of the Dane County board included a discussion about how to get information out to the public now that no reporters --NONE-- are covering their meetings. I found out about this problem only because I talked to a member of the board at a community event.