Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recall Election Day: On Wisconsin

Today is the first day of the return of sanity to the state of Bob La Follette, Gaylord Nelson, the Democratic 14 who helped reveal Scott Walker's spiteful intentions, and to the excellent recall candidates trying to retire Republicans who overthrew due process, collective bargaining and other basic democratic values.

As they say these days, we have the tools.


Reagan's Disciple said...

So what is it about Walker's budget that people are upset about...

The balanced budget?
Budget surpluses?
A fiscally sound WI?

If by "helped" you mean ran away from their duties and constituents who wanted a voice in these issues, then yes, help they did.

Anonymous said...

Then when the Wisconsin recall is done, we can turn to an effort to recall EVERY member of Congress. We are having a second stock market crassh and this time the government is the cause -- specifically a Senate and House whose members act like thumb-sucking children. Yes, I believe the Tea Party is 90% responsible, but this is a collective failure of our Congress, and the downgrade of this country's credit is an absolutue disgrace. As unreaslistic as it may be, I believe our goal should be to kick every single sitting Senator and Representative out of office, and then get Hillary Clinto to run in a Democratic primary for president.

Boxer said...

Have you noticed that the governor's office and the Fitzgerald boys have been dead silent for several weeks now? It feels ominous . . . .

James Rowen said...

Boxer: Yes. They would only attract negative attention.

Reagan's Disciple said...


The Tea Party 90% responsible? Please explain that theory. They are the group calling for decreased spending and more fiscal sanity.

The problems with the US budget were present long before anyone even heard the term "tea party."

Was the Tea Party around during the Great Depression? Was it around in the late 70s? Early 90s? Housing crisis start in 2006? Financial meltdown in 2008? Dow crash in 08/09?

But oh yeah, let's blame the Tea Party for our recent financial problems....Makes sense doesn't it.

Again, are you upset about WI's balanced budget, our budget surplus or a fiscally sound WI?