Monday, August 15, 2011

We'll Know Tomorrow In Wisconsin If Grover Norquist's Wrecking Ball Is Slowed

[Posted this a bit early today, Sunday, for Monday] A few days ago I posted an analysis of the recall elections in which I said Scott Walker was implementing, at great danger to Wisconsin and nation, the arch-conservative Grover Norquist's 'drown a shrunken government in the bathtub' action plan.

I will repost it below.

The item resonated with readers: it is the sixth most-read item among the more than 8,000 postings on this blog since January, 2007, and we will know by the end of the recall voting tomorrow if the reins Wisconsin voters began to apply last Tuesday when two Walkerites were removed from the State Senate are still being pulled back, or are they are being released.

Here's hoping that Wisconsin Democrats Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch - - both solid representatives for their districts - -  survive their recalls against unworthy Republican/Tea Party drones. Evidence here, and here.

From a week ago:

Monday, August 8, 2011 Tuesday Wisconsin Recall Elections Test Grover Norquist Vision, GOP Tactics

Let's be clear: the Right's goal in Wisconsin and elsewhere is to unwind the New Deal, demonize The Great Society, and as the ultra-conservative power-broker Grover Norquist has put it, shrink Government to fit into a bathtub and drown it.

And wants to replace it with a fetishized, hands-off, "I've Got Mine, Jack" approach to governing itself through a loop that pre-eminently protects corporate power and high-earners (thank you, Citizens United), further marginalizes minorities (through Voter ID, registration barriers), manipulates workers as scapegoats (collective bargaining is bad, public school  teachers are the enemy), privatizes whenever and wherever it can (contributors and sponsors, line up here!) and mines the middle-class for taxes from which high earners and corporate coffers are increasingly exempt (see: Scott Walker/George Bush tax breaks, and the Tea Party-engineered debt-ceiling deal).

And uses astroturf activists as foot soldiers, while the Tea Party founders and funders and spinners have convinced everyday conservatives that their movement is more about Joe the Plumber than David Koch.

Alberta Darling's move to the Right, her role this year as Joint Finance Committee co-chair, and subsequent Senate recall defense in which ends have repeatedly justified her means is the most instructive case study and template:

Make a hard Right turn, serve special interests, then raise a jaw-dropping fortune from conservative, corporate interests to defend yourself - - and get gifted just in case with a fail-safe, re-mapped District by her colleagues and their taxpayer-paid lawyers that is stacked with entire, fresh Republican neighborhoods, if needed, to smooth any and all Darling re-elections.

Democrats and progressives, as Eugene Robinson has argued, will need a new Big, Throw-The-Bums-Out Idea that is rooted in fairness and justice for all - - in the economy and the law.

An idea and movement that is stronger and deeper than Grover Norquist's "No New Taxes" pledge- - but to have it catch on, things may have to get even worse, for more people, before the Bums are given their rush.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that, with Tuesday being the beginning of the turnaround. The opportunity is there.


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is, if Republicans are so big on their "no taxes" and "cut government spending" and "balance the budget" pledges, why aren't the Democrats holding them to that? By that I mean, why aren't they going to every Republican who signed Norquist's pledge and saying "Fine, you believe government spending should be cut, the budget balanced and taxes lowered. In order to fulfill that promise, will you pledge here and now to reject ALL discretionary Federal money going to your district (or state) until the budget is balanced and the deficit erased?"

If they say yes and follow through the odds of their being re-elected will be greatly reduced. If they say no, or say yes and DON'T follow through, then they can rightfully be accused of being hypocrites, with their being re-elected being more important to them then the values they supposedly stood for when running for office.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday the beginning of a turnaround? More like if the democrats hold their two seat they will be fortunate. Holding those two seats will certainly not create any new momentum.

Paul Trotter said...

Although unlikely, Dale Schultz could decide to venture over to the left and create a Dem majority. Keep in mind that he voted against the CB bill and just recently expressed some anger about being deceived by Walker and FITZBAG.