Monday, August 29, 2011

Will Obama's Economics Adviser Pass The RoJo Resume Test?

Holy Cheeseheads!

Doesn't the President know he's supposed to consult in advance with The Oracle that Is RoJo when it comes to appointments that the Senate must confirm.

It's right there in the Constitution, isn't it? (More from the legal blogger Illusory Tenant.)

Eight months into his first political job, the not-consulted-in-advance Senator Ron Johnson labeled as unqualified a Stanford-educated/Yale, Georgetown and UW-Madison woman law professor nominated by Pres.Obama for a seat on the US Court of Appeals, and is blocking her confirmation hearing - - so how long will it take Johnson or a like-minded conservative to also call Alan Krueger unqualified?

Krueger, Obama's nominee announced today to head the Council of Economic Advisers, held positions in the Labor and Treasury Departments, has taught at Princeton for 24 years and got his Ph.D at Harvard.

Johnson worked as an accountant - - OK, so he and Krueger both know something about numbers - - but Johnson didn't finish his MBA, according to his official bio, so Krueger's work ethic and bona fides could easily flunk him on the RoJo resume test.

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