Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rail...Why Bother?

I was in London recently. Let me tell you: They've got this crazy notion about trains.

Like the Right says through its talk radio spokesmen in Wisconsin - - who's going to use something like this?

Plus, in England they've got an inter-connected system of national rail lines that connects further destinations with their Utopian underground - - the above ground system being what Amtrak and US Midwest High-Speed Rail could have become in Wisconsin, but master planner Scott Walker's right - - it's all a bad idea.

They don't get it in England: we saw extensions and upgrades being added.


Good thing Walker and State Rep. Robin Vos just wiped out all the planning for the KRM commuter line to Milwaukee's south, and future, coordinated transit services through a regional authority, too.

I'll post maps of these two failed British systems so you can see what we mercifully avoided in the state:

Principle Routes of British Rail


Anonymous said...

And the tube stations will make a great place to shelter when the USA is carpet-bombed by . . . . ?

Anonymous said...

Snow, for starters.

James Rowen said...

I've been in blizzard-stalled traffic in Denver, watching the trains run by. Weather is not an issue.