Thursday, August 25, 2011

One 'Job Creator' Tells It Like It Is

He'll take his tax breaks but he's not hiring anyone.


Paul Trotter said...

Key point: "There is only one situation in which I would put myself through that: if there were clients pounding on my door for services that I could not provide without more help. That has not happened. I respond to demand, and before I hire a new employee--with all the ugliness that entails--the demand will have to be loud and insistent."

And as of today Walker has reduced the demand for services. In time, the demand will only lessen as every public servant is confronted with their 10% pay cut.

James Rowen said...

The transit authority had outspoken business leadership. Even local business groups here in MKE were for it. But in the end, Robin Vos and others in the legislature are driven by talk radio and talk radio fiscal hawks, not old-timey Chamber of Commerce thinking.