Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Does Recalling Walker Automatically Recall Kleefisch, too?

The High Priests of Electioneering in Wisconsin are still researching the topic, writes the Journal Sentinel.

Though Governor and Lt. Governor are elected as a single ticket in Wisconsin, no one knows if they can go out of office as they came in - - but you can bet that Scott Walker's people will argue that the two office holders are completely independent, saying in effect:

'If you remove me, meet Gov. Kleefisch!'


Anonymous said...

Dunno. Now that you mention it, she probably gets to step up. Gerald Ford did when old Tricky had to leave.
Oopsie, Game over I guess.
and btw-

But how about if a few bloggers in WI (like maybe you) do not entirely embarrass the state by ALL publishing that stupid "Karl Rove" memo.
No one who has already done so can EVER post about how stupid Sarah Palin or Ron Johnson or M. Bachmann is EVER AGAIN!

Fake David Koch phone call anyone? at least that was not so damn ridiculous. They can't even have really read it. gaaaaaaaaaah! Fire them like Dan Rather!!!!

enoughalready said...

Just to be safe, we should recall them both.

kjbe said...

enoughallready - agreed. I think those willing to sign a Walker petition would have no qualms signing Kleefish petition. I know I wouldn't