Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Thing There Is Big Government In Hard-Hit Wisconsin Counties; And That It Is Not "Inconsequential"

When the Tea Party and other conservatives rail against Big Government, they forget that their neighbors, perhaps friends and even families need public help, as the economy is poor and so are a lot of people, we learn.

I have a friend who tells me he wishes there were a way for these anti-government people to have to do without all they take for granted - - road-building, winter plowing, restaurant kitchen inspections, fire-fighting and policing and who knows what else - - but that would also cut out a lot of others who understand the basic role for government, honor and even use it intentionally.

E. J. Dionne at The Washington Post says, along the same line, that Tea Party Republican Rick Perry will he haunted for his remark that his goal is to make the federal government "inconsequential."

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Anonymous said...

Well I dunno - a lot of people will be sucked in to the idea that less remote Federal Control will mean more democracy, more local control. When it will just end up being the creation if local piss-ant elitist fiefdoms. Perry's friends in charge of them all.