Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Major Great Lakes Neighborhood Development Conference Upcoming

The ambitious and energetic folks running the grassroots Great Lakes Urban Exchange are planning an exciting conference about neighborhood development next month in Pittsburgh.

Details below:

Green-Lighting Neighborhoods: GLUE's 4th Annual Conference
Pittsburgh, PA :: September 15-17, 2011

Every year, GLUE hosts a convening of young leaders from Great Lakes cities, to energize and motivate change agents through new information, relationships, and ideas. GLUE has spent the last three years building a multi-sector network of civically engaged younger people who are devoted to making their post-industrial city work. The annual GLUE conference is the paramount way by which we pursue our mission to connect engaged change agents from the cities of the Upper Midwest to one another.  Our annual, three-day conference was held in Buffalo in 2008, Milwaukee in 2009, and Cleveland in 2010.

This fall, we’re going to Pittsburgh.

This year, GLUE is going farther than ever before in its efforts to tie real people to real solutions, by locating its conference not in a downtown hotel, but in the Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  While Pittsburgh has made great strides in becoming America’s “most livable city” some neighborhoods have so far been left out of the redevelopment movement.  At the same time, Larimer is home to innovative, collaborative organizing efforts to make sure that Larimer’s residents have a say in the future of their neighborhood.  Furthermore, the future they’re envisioning is ambitiously green.  The work happening there may be a model for how Rust Belt cities ensure that every resident benefits from the revitalization of our cities.
Please plan to join us for three days in Pittsburgh, where you'll get to better know the city, collaborate with other Rust Belt enthusiasts, and learn about the ideas that are making our cities more sustainable, equitable, prosperous places to live--for all their residents.

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Thanks to the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, we are able to offer 15 scholarships--free registration--to low-income residents of Larimer or nearby areas served by the Kingsley Association.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a scholarship.

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