Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As The Dow Plummeted, Limbaugh Said Obama Would Next Take The Farms

More race-baiting from the guy who is still hoping Obama fails:

The true leader of the Republican Party predicted Obama would seize property in the US the way Mugabe did to whites in Zimbabwe, Limbaugh said.

This is how the country's Talk-Radio-Fear-Monger-In-Chief does his dirty work.

And when he needs a guest host, Mark Belling is in the rotation. Nice.

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Reagan's Disciple said...

There is no hoping Obama fails.......He HAS failed.

I'm not saying that with joy as I prosper like anyone else when our economy flourishes. The stock market goes up, and my net worth increases just like a democrat who has money in the stock market.

However, Obama has shown that he really doesn't have a clue on the economy. He has failed to realize even the most basic premise that government intervention impedes growth and investment in the private sector and the private sector does not like uncertainty.

Maybe Obama should have a sit down with Rick Perry and ask for some economic advice. Then Obama can start to implement some of Perry's agenda a few months before Perry actually becomes our next president.