Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grotesquely Huge Outside Donations Subsidized Prosser Recount

Never another word from Republicans, conservatives and associated hypocrites about outside, outsized or outlandish money from special interests to influence Wisconsin politics.

Just retire the phrase, bronze it and hand it to the David Prosser group. From The Journal Sentinel:

Prosser's recount got ample funding

Lawyer who worked on justice's behalf has case pending before court

Madison - A Philadelphia philanthropist and his wife gave Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser $100,000 this spring for his recount effort, and three others gave a combined $100,000, records show.

A quirk of state election law allows candidates to receive unlimited sums during recounts, and Prosser used that opportunity impressively, campaign finance reports show. Over 13 days in April, he collected three $50,000 donations and two $25,000 donations.

In all, he raised $272,887 for his recount efforts. More than $75,000 went to the Troupis Law Office, which is headed by Jim Troupis and has a major First Amendment case before the court Prosser sits on.

Three legal experts said judges and justices cannot hear cases argued by attorneys who have recently done work for them. Prosser plans to remain on the case regardless.
The State Supreme Court takes perhaps a fatal hit on top of the now-infamous chokehold allegation - - also involving Prosser - - as the system is simply gagging on special-interest playing.

Talk about the influence of money on justice in Wisconsin.


Paul Trotter said...

The case will not stand if Prosser rules on the case. Either way it will be appealed and Prosser will lose what little credibility he may have.

Reagan's Disciple said...

I'm glad my side still has money available to help out. Soros is a tough guy to match donations with.

James Rowen said...

Always with the irrelevant conflation. As if the left will ever have the money to match the right.

Anonymous said...

So who exacly funded the Kloppenstein recount effort?

None of that was from the outside?