Friday, August 26, 2011

See A TV Reporter Best A Hapless Ron Johnson

$10 million and great political TV ads gave us a really limited US Senator in Ron Johnson.

Johnson's inability in this interview by WITI Fox 6 reporter Mike Lowe - - after eight months in office - - to get beyond slogans and talking points is pretty weak tea.

Bottom line: Mike Lowe For Senate.


Paul Trotter said...

And RJ thought he was in safe territory being interviewed on Fox TV. I thought the reporter did a fantastic job.

RJ seems to have learned the old deflect the question trick so skillfully used by Walker.

Betsey said...

Obama has no private sector experience? RoJo has no political experience--and it shows in his rote answers. And then he hires the graphic designer, Pat McIlehren, for his press secretary. Talk about the blindly right-wing leading the other blindly right-wing>

Mike Lowe did a great job in asking the follow-up questions. Wasn't he a Milwaukee market reporter for a while? His name and face seem familiar.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people see in an interview what they want to. I absolutely despise Ron Johnson and everything he stands for, but I thought he did a very good job of conveying what he believes in, did so with confidence, and did so in a way that would get his backers to applaud. My imporession of him still is that I never thought a weasel could look that good in a suit, but apparently he has been coached pretty well. He is exactly what we don't need in Congress, he is nothing but a 6-year, one-term, seat warmer and GOP robot, but I can't see that this interview makes him look pathetic.

Ted Rulseh

Paul Trotter said...

Notice the deflection:
Mike Lowe: But the title is President of the United States not CEO of America industries. The main goal of a corporation is to take a profit, a nation has many goals not the last of which is to ensure the wellbeing of all its citizens.

Ron Johnson: Well the number one priority of the federal government is the national defense, protecting our economic system. You know we need regulation, but we need effective regulation and when you have a President who doesn't understand how the private sector operates …We need significant, dramatic tax reform, but tax reform that is all targeted to promoting economic growth.”

I also noticed plenty of saliva swallows and dysfluencoes. He was clearly not prepared for a fox reporter questioning his responses. Watch his responses. clearly not a as skilled as the sociopath Walker but getting there. Is this our United States Senator???? Choking? What a rookie puppet!

nonquixote said...

And no town hall meetings in his district this recess. Tells you a lot right there.

Anonymous said...

Ron Johnson is a putz. 'Nuff said.