Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Senior Walker Aide Steps Aside

Cindy Archer was also the top Walker administrator during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive, and like Tom Nardelli, his former chief of staff, is also off the state job to which Walker appointed her.

Makes you wonder...More later.


Paul Trotter said...

"Walker, however, commented on Archer's role in his campaign, as well as an ongoing John Doe investigation that began last year, in an interview earlier this summer. That probe started after a Walker aide at the county was found to have posted campaign-related commentary from her work computer to several websites.

Darlene Wink, Walker's constituent relations coordinator at the county, quit her job in May 2010 after admitting she had posted a number of online comments favorable to Walker's campaign for governor and critical of Barrett, as well as Mark Neumann, Walker's Republican primary opponent in the 2010 governor's race.Asked about Archer's role in his campaign for governor, Walker said: "She talked to people about it. A lot of times it was more a matter of scheduling what we were doing. And making sure that half the time I'd be out on the road and half the time I'd be in the courthouse."

John Casper said...

Eagerly awaiting more news. Shocker, it appears the Walker administration in both cases was un-prepared. Pass the popcorn.