Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Support The Legal Challenge To Wisconsin's Voter ID Law

Kudos to the Wisconsin League of Women Voters for its decision to file a lawsuit challenging the legality under the Wisconsin Constitution of the Voter ID bill.

The state constitution guarantees eligible citizens their right to vote unfettered by an ID bill - - something the Republicans seem to have overlooked in their hurried, anti-democratic zeal for partisan reasons to tamp down voting in the state.

The League of Women Voters is the perfect plaintiff, as its goal is the furtherance of voting rights and process, not its obstruction.

No doubt this will be expensive litigation, and I assume the organization will need donations to support it.

I'll do my part with a check, blogging and other communications. Let's put Facebook and other platforms to work to advance the suit, as the Voter ID bill is badly motivated bad law and that badly needs to be overturned.


Paul Trotter said...

Tough call given the current supreme court yet anything that puts the Walker Administration on defense is ok with me.

James Rowen said...

ok - - i'm not a lawyer, but the issues and context strikes me as substantial and serious and well worth the effort.

Reagan's Disciple said...

The voter ID law is just a means of verifying that the eligible citizens are in fact the eligible citizens they say they are.

The bill is not, nor has it ever been an attempt to stop voters from voting.

It may be well worth the effort, but so was Kloppenberg and Pasch and we all know how those efforts turned out. This will be the same result.

Sue said...

See? This is what happens when you give chicks the vote. We form a LEAGUE, like superheroes or something. Nothin' but trouble for a hundred years.

Paul Trotter said...

The effort was well worth it Reagan worshiper in all of the recall elections. The Darling recall, although a loss was especially satisfying. It produced a number benefits that will produce even better results in the next election.
As a result of the recalls a new caucus has emerged.I'm surprised Reagan, that given all the press , you expressed the position you have.
Look, if I were Walker and had an entire league of Women taking after me I'd be very concerned. The wrath of women hath no equal.

Paul Trotter said...

I've met several ladies in this Women's league and they are a formidable force.

Regardless of a any prediction in this challenge, it needs to be done. Passivity will send the wrong message to the political sociopath.

Reagan's Disciple said...

It produced a number benefits that will produce even better results in the next election.

You do realize that Darling won this race by more votes than she beat Wasserman in 2008. Nice benefits! People in her district favor her more now than they did in 2008.

PS. Simply placing the name "League" in front of an organization (although it makes it sound neat) makes it no more formidable for Walker and the Republicans than the AFL-CIO, AFSCME or WEAC, which they handled with relative ease.

Unless of course the "League" you are referring to holds its meetings at The Hall of Justice.