Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The suspense builds! Will Tommy run? Ho, hum

So Tommy the T is going to announce that Jim Klauser and J. B. Van Hollen will be co-chairs of his "prospective" Senate campaign.

How long can he drag this out? And how long will the news media keep lapping it up?

He could give lessons to Bret Favre, whoever he is.

The last we heard Tommy was waiting to see what Russ Feingold was going to do. That's they key. Tommy doesn't think he can beat him, but no doubt is beginning to think Russ isn't running.

Here is the non-story.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I'm disappointed.

It's BRENT FARVE. Old number 6.


Ron R said...

I agree.... Wait a mimute. Sorry misrad the headline. Thought is said "Will Tammy run". That would really be Ho, Hum.