Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High Interest, Detailed Questions, In National Group's Review Of Waukesha's Water Planning

This blog has been a source of information and analysis of the City of Waukesha application for Great Lakes water, but I want to make sure readers understand that these issues are being raised, studied, vetted and pursued by groups across the country - - because the Great Lakes is an international water resource carefully monitored by experts whose views are not Wisconsin-based.

Here is a solid example from the National Resources Defense Council, and it is well worth reading, particularly by supporters of the Waukesha application.

The conclusion, after a long and detailed discussion:

If Wisconsin deems the Waukesha application ready to move to the next level of review (that decision is expected sometime in November, 2011, after more state analysis and an environmental impact statement), it goes to the 7 Great Lakes governors – each of whom can be expected to weigh in on a questionable proposal as strongly as Governor Cuomo (New York) and Governor Snyder (Michigan) did when Ohio Governor Kasich wavered on vetoing a bill that undermined the Compact.

That’s because protection of the Great Lakes is a rallying point for the region – and a nonpartisan one at that.  As in Ohio, the other governors are unlikely to pull their punches if Wisconsin approves an application with obvious flaws.  The state and the City of Waukesha have a long way to go before it’s even close

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