Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bachmann Wins! Bachmann Wins...Actually Nothing In Iowa

She wins no delegates. It's a meaningless straw poll that raises money for the GOP, with 'candidates' able to lure 'votes' with free food and bus rides from across the state to a summer carnival.

It's like a high school prom King and Queen popularity contest, where the most sought-after kids could bribe their way to spots in the Big Dance Court with limo rides, beer, soda and pizza.

Bachmann grabs a few headlines from her native state.

Big deal.

And so ends the early chapter of the national scene's odd fascination with Iowa - - until its winter caucuses tell us more that ain't pivotal or representative of much of the rest of the country.

And good-bye to the thinnest of reeds, Tim Pawlenty and especially Rick Santorum. Please.


enoughalready said...

So, Pawlenty loses the expectations game, and he is out. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmannn wins -- in the state of her birth -- but just barely. Not much meaning to be had in Iowa.

CJ said...

One can only hope that she prevails until election time. I think she'll have the same effect on the Republican ticket that Sarah Palin had in the previous election. McCain could have won if he had chosen someone other than the Alaskan crazy lady.

Anon Jim said...

The only thing more stupid and irrelevant than the Snow White and the Seven dwarfs debate from Thursday night, was this straw poll.

At least it will make a great trivia contest question some day.

Anonymous said...

I think they are going trot out Jeb Bush at the last minute during the Convention and present him as a reasonable moderate Republican. Maybe not Jeb but someone who at least appears mentally stable.