Sunday, August 28, 2011

End The Mifflin St. Block Party

The Madison police and Mayor Soglin are right: The Mifflin St. Block Party should end.

There isn't a city in the state than needs another glorified binge drinking event. The most recent 'party' included stabbings and sexual assaults.

Madison needs a plan to unwind the party, tradition or not.


Anonymous said...

That block of Mifflin should be redeveloped. The houses are not in good condition and that would end the party.

Judy Karofsky said...

Calling it the "Miffland" whatever isn't accurate, either. The party spills (sorry 4 pun) all over the Downtown. I've had people passed out on my front lawn on that usually beautiful May afternoon. At least I know they've stopped drinking - for awhile.

Anonymous said...

The original Mifflin Street party was meant to create community and have fun dancing to loud music. The older neighbors complained, the police came and shut down the music and the rioting and tear-gassing began. Some interpreted the police response as an outrage claiming the "community belongs to the People (i.e., students,)" forgetting that older residents still lived there among the students. Three of us had a shotgun pulled on us by an older man when we begged to be let into his home when pepper-fogging began a few houses down the street. Time for everyone to grow up and do the right thing for that area of town. I'll never forget Janis Joplin's song that started the whole thing, however!

James Rowen said...

Big Brother and The Holding Company - - unplugged by Herman Thomas.

That was a longggggggg time ago, which is the point, as Anon 1:06 p.m. is saying.

Anonymous said...

Well he started it!