Thursday, August 18, 2011

GOP/Tea Party Favorites Illustrate National Political Double-Standard

Just an observation:

The Right is allowed to put up far-right, fringe Presidential candidates who get front-runner or authenticating treatment - - Michele Bachmann appeared by invitation on five Sunday morning TV shows on the strength of an eked out 'win' in the 'voting' in the Iowa $straw Poll last Saturday.

How many zany this has she said relatively recently - - Barack Obama is a socialist or "unAmerican," for example.

Now the instant legitimization is conferred on Rick Perry, the Secessionist.

Look at the fawning over Perry on the 15th in The New York Times after the Texas Governor swooped into Iowa:

The introduction of Mr. Perry as an aspiring presidential candidate unfolded in bite-size pieces, with fresh details emerging as he sauntered across the fairgrounds on the third day of his announcement tour. The path had already been well worn by his Republican rivals who camped out in the state last week, but he breezed in like a long-lost visitor, so confident that he blew kisses into a camera when asked about Mr. Romney. “Give him my love,” Mr. Perry said.
The addition of Mr. Perry to the presidential campaign has changed the landscape of the Republican field — particularly for Mr. Romney and Mrs. Bachmann — while injecting a shot of vigor into the contest.
But if a candidate from the genuine Left ran for President, such as Bernie Sanders - - and please, no references at this mention of the consensus-seeking Pres. Obama, who, on taxes, the War in Afghanistan, Arctic oil drilling, for example, indicate he's really a moderate - -  that candidate would be excoriated, mocked, threatened and/or ruined.


Anonymous said...

and so.....?

nonquixote said...

@Annie K,

And so, I am wondering if Anne Althouse has the middle initial K.

Or, and so...please tell me again about extreme left-wing bias in the national media.