Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waukesha's Falling Water Demand Could Alter Course Of Lake Michigan Diversion Request

News of falling water usage in the City of Waukesha just as its application for a Lake Michigan diversion begins a review that starts with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and may end with a similar vetting by companion regulators in the seven other Great Lakes states.

Water usage in the city is down because of mandated conservation measures, slow growth and wet weather; the amount sought in the diversion application would drop further if the roughly one million gallons daily that could be allocated via the diversion to the Town of Waukesha were withdrawn.

That would remove from the application the issue of water-for-growth, as well as the political matter of the Town's inclusion in the application without it having asked to be there.

These are not insignificant issues, as the Town and City have broad ares of disagreement over water and border questions, and as a document and plan, the Great Lakes Compact is first and foremost about water management and preservation, not water dispersal.

The disclosure of the City's reduced usage puts a different yet helpful light on the application, which must be approved by all eight Great Lakes to be implemented.

It does not eliminate Waukesha's need for a cleaner water source, but it does not strengthen the city's case for an exception to the no-reasonable-alternative standard in the Great Lakes Compact, under which the city is seeking this precedent-setting diversion.


Anonymous said...

Milwaukee and every other community with a vested interest in promoting the Great Lakes needs to really stick to to Waukesha.

The wingnut elite that hid in the suburb ar complicit with stealing elections, repeatedly sending a woman that avoided criminal prosecution by being granted immunity, to public office to "count" (read abuse/misrepresent) votes.

The bastards in waukesha can't have it both was: screw Milwaukee and every other lake comminuty in Midwest (via extreme, dishonest politics) and HELP! We need your water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan's Disciple said...

You really need help. Nickolaus does not "count" any votes. She only reports the numbers provided to her by the local clerks.

If you are upset by the results from Waukesha, that is a another story. It would not matter who the County Clerk was in Waukesha as all of the votes were counted and tabulated correctly throughout the county in the Prosser election as well as the Darling race.